3M Logo History and Evolution Story of 3M

3M Logo History

3M emblem is one of the most well-known easy but smooth-recognizable brand designs across the world. the first brand changed into pretty complicated: “3M Co.” name turned into surrounded by means of a diamond and a large circle. Later the brand has simplified into the call with an oval round it, in some instances the oval changed into unnoticed. The current version become first created with the aid of Siegel+Gale branding employer in big apple.

Shape and Colors of 3M Logo

The shape of the 3M logo may be very simplified: three and letter M are located very near every different and feature a far greater astounding font which provides to the brand more electricity,

reputation and depth. The director of the Siegel+Gale has insisted on including new shade to the emblem – purple, because it enhances the concept of persistence and balance of the organization.

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