5sos Logo History and Evolution Story of 5sos

5sos Logo History

The Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summerhad to exchange its authentic wordmark due to accusations incopyright violation.

Meaning of 5sos Logo

The original black-and-white logotype had a symbolic which means. each of the primary 4 tally marks symbolized one of the band contributors, whilst the bar that crossed all of the tally marks represented their lovers.

Symbol of 5sos Logo

The brand functions the wordmark located inside the center of skulls. instead of the eyes, the skulls have two hearts, and there also are stars on both facets of the skulls. all these are placed internal a black circle with a pink outline. The brand changed into designed by fashion designer-to-the-stars Tom Gordon.

Emblem of 5sos Logo

in keeping with many resources, in spring 2015, a store known as Undefeated threatened the rock band to sue it due to the fact their trademarks had been manner too comparable. To keep away from a major copyright warfare, the band just stuck to every other brand.

but, the band participants have never officially confirmed this records.

5sos Logo’s Font

The typeface looks particular because of the uncommon form of the characters: every of them is broken in or 3 parts.

5sos Logo’s Color

The tally emblem featured a black-and-white colour scheme, while the contemporary scull brand may be given in a ramification of colours. the standard version capabilities the band name in white and the purple sculls in opposition to the black historical past.

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