Accenture Logo History and Evolution Story of Accenture

Accenture Logo History

It took 3 months of intensive paintings for the management team of workers to come up with a name for the enterprise. Kim Petersen, a enterprise representative to Andersen Consulting (the organisation’s former name), supplied the name Accenture to intensify the company’s dedication to break stereotypes and open new horizons in imparting consulting offerings for customers. additionally, it symbolizes the enterprise’s eagerness to help customers exchange their destiny for the higher. The call became officially popular in 2001. The brand itself were drafted some months earlier.

Accenture Logo’s Color & Shape

The emblem’s trustworthy layout fully displays the message of the call itself. to emphasise the provider’s availability, the name starts offevolved with a lower-case ‘a’. To strain the organization’s vector for promising and dynamic destiny, the brand builders introduced a ‘extra-than’ symbol above the ‘t’. The black letters advise the business enterprise’s unflagging striving for excellence.

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