Acer Logo History and Evolution Story of Acer

Acer Logo History

every business enterprise wants its trademarks to be world famous and immediately recognizable, that is what Acer business enterprise has performed by means of growing simple but catchy brand photograph. because their first opening in 1976 Acer has modified it numerous instances.

the primary logo version turned into delivered in 1987 with the organisation name written in blue and a little diamond to its right side each purple and blue. Later Acer commenced to consciousness particularly on its business taking flight from manufacture produсtion and in 2001 new emblem regarded at the marketplace changing the brand representation. hard edges had been long gone and Acer advanced a brand new smoother brand image adding a bit accent to the ‘e’ letter. The contemporary model has now not modified plenty, but a vibrant green colour gave it a brighter and more lively appearance.

Acer Logo’s Colour

green color is a symbiosis of colours – blue and yellow. On the only hand – boundless strength, and on the other – an amazing calm. shiny green emblem represents freshness, harmony and originality of the business enterprise.

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