Amex Logo History and Evolution Story of Amex

Amex Logo History

in addition to the Gladiator Head emblem, Amex additionally has a simpler wordmark logo given inside the blue-and-white color scheme.

Meaning of Amex Logo

the yank explicit organisation, greater often called just Amex, became founded in 1850 as an specific mail commercial enterprise. Over its freight shipping years, Amex used a logotype depicting a watchdog mendacity on a trunk.

Symbol of Amex Logo

In 1958, a brand new Amex emblem became trademarked. It become defined as a gladiator on a guard or just as a Gladiator Head layout. In fact, quite a few people have talked about that the brand seems extra like a centurion than a gladiator. Centurions, who were commanding officials in historical Rome, wore a far fancier headgear than gladiators, who normally had been simply slaves. So, it isn’t always unreasonable to call the person on the emblem a centurion rather than a gladiator. however, the legitimate description states that this is a gladiator.

Emblem of Amex Logo

The wordmark sports activities the name of the employer in blue letters with a formidable white outline. when you consider that 1975, while the brand changed into followed, the agency has experimented with sunglasses of blue and visible effects. The present day logo functions light blue and a three-D effect.

Amex Logo’s Font

The typeface has a lot in not unusual with the Handel Gothic formidable typeface advanced by means of Don Handel. but, it is not exactly the equal font, only a similar one.

Amex Logo’s Color

The shade of blue featured on the Amex logo evokes the colour of the sky and brings the sensations of peace and balance. The white elements make the resemblance even closer, as white is the coloration of the clouds.

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