Android Logo History and Evolution Story of Android logo

Android logo History

Android is a Linux-primarily based software platform used in smartphones and tablets. Its hastily growing popularity makes it one of the fundamental competition on the cell device market.
The Android brand changed into designed in 2007 through Irina Blok, a graphic dressmaker of Google. She and her buddies decided to make it an open-supply emblem. That supposed that any organization of the arena turned into unfastened to personalize it. Later, Blok stated approximately her introduction that it was like a toddler, who she had given a lifestyles, and now it was to live its own unbiased existence.

Symbol of Android Logo

The Android logo’s major detail is a robotic inclusive of a quadrangular torso, semicircular head with two antennas on it, and limbs supplied by way of bars with rounded ends. Irina Blok got here up with the image as she had obtained a recommendation from her boss to consist of a robot in the brand.

Color of Android Logo

way to its very simple and remarkable layout, the brand did produce the wanted effect. it’s far coloured in so called ‘Android inexperienced’, as green symbolizes development, specialty, and striving for novelty. due to the fact it’s far an open source emblem, it has seemed in a spread of shapes: wearing coloured garments, with unique facial expressions, etc.

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