Argos Logo History and Evolution Story of Argos

Argos Logo History

despite the fact that the Argos brand has long past via two modifications, it has always been featuring the same eye-catching colour scheme.

Meaning of Argos Logo

From the very start, the logotype has been built across the call of the company. the first brand followed in 1972, the yr, while the catalogue store was based, featured the iconic purple-and-white color palette. The name of the corporation became given in an intricate custom type, with a curve joining the letters “A” and “S”.

Symbol of Argos Logo

despite the fact that the 1999 version of the emblem sported a exclusive typeface, the distinctive curve between the “A” and “S” was preserved. on this emblem, however, there has been a skinny white line setting apart the “S” from the curve.

Emblem of Argos Logo

within the current brand, which was introduced in early 2010, the colors are inverted. The curve is now an remoted detail no longer connected to any of the letters, however simply located below the wordmark. It has obtained symmetry and looks like a smile. The emblem was designed by way of The brand Union, a worldwide logo and innovative design consultancy organization.

Argos Logo’s Font

With every new emblem, the typeface has been getting purifier and more legible. In evaluation with the unique script, the current wordmark looks easier and much less uncommon. it is really worth stating that even though there does exist a type known as Argos, it has not anything to do with the modern Argos brand.

Argos Logo’s Color

the intense aggregate of red and white draws attention of the purchaser. It seems to be shouting “Sale!” or “Christmas!” The colour scheme has been the primary feature making the logotype recognizable in spite of any adjustments added to it.

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