Arizona Cardinals Logo History and Evolution Story of Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Logo History

The Arizona Cardinals football group changed into founded in 1898. based totally in Glendale, Arizona, it is the oldest professional team within the united states. The club plays in the Western division of the NFC.
Over the team’s history, it has changed emblems numerous instances. The 1920 logo (the Chicago Cardinals) became a “C” constrained in a wishbone-fashioned “C”. the first eagle brand turned into ordinary in 1947 – that was a brown eagle perched on a ball’s sew. The eagle head layout changed into introduced in 1960, and it persevered till 2005. The team’s current emblem is the identical antique eagle head, which has undergone a little modification.

Symbol of Arizona Cardinals Logo

The eagle image displays freedom, passion, and vigor – ought to-have traits for a football player.

Shape of Arizona Cardinals Logo

in comparison to the 1960 brand, the 2005 version has a black outline, the top is more willing forward, and the beak is steeper. The changes have introduced aggression to the shape. colorings include crimson, yellow, white, and black. They characterize power, courage, perseverance, and backbone.

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