Axa Logo History and Evolution Story of Axa

Axa Logo History

first of all, the French, and now the worldwide insurance and funding group of companies AXA organization is widely recognized for the duration of Europe. Their logo is decorated with both specialised boards and sponsorship events – social, cultural, sports activities.
rather short period of the logo’s work decided the stability of the logo – for the years of the company’s existence it has not changed.

Symbol of Axa Logo

The symbol AXA is a community of interplay, partnership and powerful achievement of duties. Interlacing of letters in the logo on a contrasting historical past lets in, in step with the principle of genius of the Renaissance, Michelangelo – to discard all needless, creating actual masterpieces. The purple diagonal strengthens the dynamics of the graphic layout, offers it a strong and impetuous man or woman.

Emblem of Axa Logo

unlike many well knoen manufacturers, AXA institution refused to use a rigid framework for his or her brand. relying at the project, boundaries can exchange, in addition to the scale of the brand. So, with the vertical placement of the emblem, the red diagonal element may be bolstered, at the same time as horizontal – the emphasis is on the font-color weave.

Axa Logo’s Color

The background colour of the AXA emblem is blue. And on a contrasting heritage the white font allowed to create a vibrant and remarkable composition. in addition, the dynamics of the development gives a red font on the pinnacle of the brand. these are innovations, aspiration for partnership and achievement.

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