Bank of America Logo History and Evolution Story of Bank of America

Bank of America Logo History

The bank’s first brand of 1969 became its name written in caps accompanied via the stylized “BA” acronym: the letter “B” overlapped the “A”. The acronym turned into written in a larger and bolder font. In 1980, the layout became modified: the financial institution’s call moved beneath the acronym, and it featured upper- and lowercase letters. The acronym retained its unique form. The emblem was used till 1998.

Symbol of Bank of America Logo

The current financial institution of the united states emblem has been in use due to the fact 2001. It became familiar after the financial institution’s reorganization. The brand depicts the financial institution’s call written in blue and capabilities a pattern of blue and red stripes at the right. the choice of colours became to emphasize the financial institution’s importance for the state, as it without a doubt hints on the color palette used within the united states of america countrywide flag. there’s an opinion that the emblem works properly because it meets the patriotic emotions of americans. This has to be the primary reason why the bank has reached so massive a achievement each within the united states and overseas.

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