BBC Logo History and Evolution Story of BBC

BBC Logo History

BBC pioneered in high-definition tv in 1936 and won worldwide leadership and popularity right away. it’s far the arena’s oldest and biggest broadcaster with an nearly 21,000 personnel.
the first brand turned into delivered in 1953, while industrial tv started. nowadays’s logo is the 3 letters, every one located in a rectangular container, observed via “One”.

News logo of BBC

The news emblem features the corporation’s name, every letter placed in a rectangular container, and uppercase “information” under. The name is written in white letters on a crimson background.

Video logo of BBC

The present day one featured Italic “BBC” in rhomboid packing containers with coloured underlines, and capitalized “Video” beneath.

Films logo of BBC

The films branch is represented with the aid of the same boxed “BBC” with lowercase “films” below.

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