Bic Logo History and Evolution Story of Bic

Bic Logo History

The Bic brand is but every other example of first rate emblem consistency. The humorous guy with a ballpoint pen ball rather than the head has been part of the emblem for more than 1/2 a century.

Meaning of Bic Logo

Société BIC S.A. became installed in France in 1945. The enterprise works inside the lower end of the marketplace of disposable products, from lighters and pens to razors and mechanical pencils. As Bic broadly speaking sells reasonably-priced products, its emblem is often neglected in spite of the fact that it does its activity perfectly nicely.

Symbol of Bic Logo

The ball-headed boy turned into created by Raymond Savignac, a image dressmaker from France, in 1961. It changed into part of the advertising campaigned advanced for the organisation’s new ballpoint pen. The advert put an emphasis on the new pen’s unique feature, the tungsten carbide ball. additionally, via depicting a boy, the clothier wanted to trap the eye of schoolchildren. Savignac stayed with the organisation for greater than two decades and created over 15 posters for it.

Emblem of Bic Logo

The rhomboid shape with curved corners turned into first used on the logotype in 1950, when the famous Cristal pen was created. inside the earliest version of the emblem, the historical past was purple, at the same time as the letters have been white.

Bic Logo’s Font

The Bic brand was hand drawn in particular for the business enterprise, it does now not use any of the existing typefaces.

Bic Logo’s Color

The coloration scheme includes black and orange (Pantone 1235C) as the dominant colors, whilst white is a secondary one.

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