Bosch Logo History and Evolution Story of Bosch

Bosch Logo History

Bosch (Robert Bosch Gmbh) is one of the world’s biggest producers of automobile components. set up in 1886, these days it boasts a workforce of more than three hundred,000 personnel around the sector.

The Bosch emblem depicts a silver grey circle, that’s a casing with a magneto armature inner it. On its right there is the organization’s name written in red capitals. The ‘Invented for lifestyles’ script is
typed in black below. each typerfaces are custom-made. therefore, the brand contains 3 colours: silver gray, red, and black, which characterize excellence, integrity, reliability, and creativity.

Symbol of Bosch Logo

The armature Bosch symbol changed into designed in 1918 through Gottlob Honold, the brand’s first researcher and developer, who commenced to paintings for Bosch in 1901 and invented several progressive merchandise. For the brand, Honold sketched the brand’s maximum recognized product, the magneto ignition machine. The device itself was one in all Honold’s innovations, too.

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