Brooks Brothers Logo History and Evolution Story of Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Logo History

whilst the Brooks Brothers corporation is 200 years old, the middle symbol of its logotype is even older – it has its roots in the Greek mythology.

Meaning of Brooks Brothers Logo

america’s oldest men’s clothier become hooked up in 1818 by using Henry Sands Brooks. nowadays, the business enterprise remains based totally in long island. further to men’s clothes, the range additionally includes clothing for ladies, in addition to a separate line for Asian clients.

Symbol of Brooks Brothers Logo

The call “Golden Fleece” refers back to the legendary ram from Greek mythology, which, was sought by way of the Argonauts. on the grounds that then, the image has been utilized in quite a few contexts.

as an instance, again in the fifteenth century, an outline of a lamb on a ribbon was used by The Order of the Golden Fleece, which became created via the Duke of Burgundy. The purpose why the Duke, who turned into nicknamed Philip the coolest, used this image turned into quite simple: he were given tons of his fortune because of his elite wool flocks.

Emblem of Brooks Brothers Logo

The image has been used by the agency as its trademark since the 1850s. The concept to adopt it belonged to Henry S. Brooks, who noticed a sheep mascot in elite London shops. There, the emblem become used to identify the locations were the finest woolen clothes will be sold. Having back from his journey to London, Henry S. Brooks ordered to color the sheep above the shop door.

Brooks Brothers Logo’s Font

most possibly, the wordmark either has been drawn with the aid of hand or functions a closely customized typeface. The lovely script, which reminds handwriting, provides a vintage contact. Having plenty in common with the Edwardian Scr Alt ITC font, it’s miles still some distance from being its exact reproduction.

Brooks Brothers Logo’s Color

The Brooks Brothers logo is commonly given in darkish blue towards a white background. A reversed shade scheme is likewise acceptable. you could additionally come across the brand in gold on a darkish blue historical past.

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