BVB Logo History and Evolution Story of BVB

BVB Logo History

Borussia Dortmund, frequently referred to as just BVB, is a sports membership situated in Dortmund (Germany). The extraordinary emblem has boosted the club’s popularity all through more than 100 years of its records.

Meaning of BVB Logo

despite the fact that the membership’s records dates lower back to 1909, we will start from its 1946 logotype. It looks strikingly similar to the modern-day BVB emblem: the same 3 letters “BVB” and the wide variety “09” under, the identical colour scheme, the equal circle shape with a black outline. in contrast to the modern model of the logo, the unique one included the phrase “Dortmund”.

Symbol of BVB Logo

Over the subsequent years, the Borussia Dortmund brand has been revolving across the identical visible center. The handiest outstanding exception has been the 1976-1978 version, wherein a lion’s muzzle turned into positioned inside the center of the logo.

Emblem of BVB Logo

The emblem Borussa Dortmund has been the use of due to the fact 1993 looks very just like the previous version besides for more than one minor adjustments. the primary issue, the club bumped off of the black earrings, leaving only one and making it bolder. also, the font itself became bolder.

BVB Logo’s Font

The minimalistic sans serif typeface of the contemporary word mark is bolder than maximum of its predecessors.

BVB Logo’s Color

for the reason that 1945, the BVB brand has been the use of the mixture of black and yellow. anything adjustments the logotype went via the membership has never refused of this scheme.

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