CERN Logo History and Evolution Story of CERN

CERN Logo History

the european agency for Nuclear studies has been accused in the usage of Illuminati symbols more than as soon as. They can be seen now not best in the CERN logo, however also within the Council’s other trademarks, in addition to its movies and mascots.

Meaning of CERN Logo

The brand includes two parts. in the center, there is the phrase “CERN” status for the French call of the Council, which become surely its first identify (Conseil Européen pour l. a. Recherche Nucléaire).

The phrase “CERN” is surrounded via interlaced earrings. The earrings are supposed to depict the accelerator chain and the particle tracks.

Symbol of CERN Logo

additionally, many conspiracy theorists point out the statue of the Hindu goddess Shiva that can be visible just outdoor of the headquarters constructing. in the cold light of the day, Shiva symbolizes introduction, death, and destruction. quite some humans wonder, why would the Council for Nuclear research choose the deity of destruction as its company mascot. We should, however, point out that the statue was a gift from the Indian authorities received in 2004.

Emblem of CERN Logo

CERN has lengthy been inflicting anxiety among the questioning a part of the sector’s populace. Their experiments pose super dangers, which do no longer get enough media coverage. as though to make matters worse, the Council makes use of quite a few controversial symbols.

Take the primary CERN emblem. The interlaced earrings may be appeared as three figures “6” (they go to the edge of the symbol). it is infrequently viable to understand why the Council’s PR crew agreed to adopt the brand in which the 666 image changed into without a doubt seen.

CERN Logo’s Font

The sleek and fashionable font featured within the CERN logo is known as Optima. As a complementary typeface for it, the enterprise indicates Helvetica Neue. In case none of the two are to be had, Arial is appropriate.

CERN Logo’s Color

The white logo is given in opposition to the dark blue heritage. The colour, which is referred to as CERN BLUE, is registered with the code of 286C in the Pantone gadget.

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