Chase Logo History and Evolution Story of Chase

Chase Logo History

Chase (JP Morgan Chase bank, N. A.) is part of the JPMorgan Chase economic service enterprise. based in Chicago, Illinois, it has a personnel of about 240,000 employees nationwide.

Meaning of Chase Logo

the first logo become designed in the Fifties, and it became deemed too bulky and consequently useless quickly after the creation. in the early Sixties, the employer exceeded a primary rebranding. the new logo was designed via clothier firm Chermayeff & Geismar buddies. The agency came up with the famous Chase Octagon.

Symbol of Chase Logo

The octagon stands for a move-section of the sort of wooden water-pipe, which was used in manhattan in the times while Chase became a water deliver agency.

Shape of Chase Logo

The cutting-edge Chase logo consists of the enterprise name followed by means of the octagon.

Chase logo’s Font

The logo makes use of the agency’s signature typerface.

Chase logo’s Color

The agency call is written in black, and the octagon is blue. those shades express excellence and optimism.

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