Columbia Logo History and Evolution Story of Columbia

Columbia Logo History

Columbia pictures Industries, Inc. is a famend American film manufacturing and distribution organisation founded in 1918 as CBC movie sales business enterprise.

Meaning of Columbia Logo

the primary Columbia pictures logo changed into the picture of a girl Roman fighter holding a protect and a wheat stick in her hands. The brand turned into in use from 1924 until 1928.
In 1928, the Torch girl become added. She wore a headdress and held a torch with sparks radiating from it. This brand model was in use till 1936.

the following model turned into round considering the fact that 1936 till 1976. The Torch woman became nonetheless there, however the headdress was long past, and now she stood on a pedestal. In between, with the arrival of colour television, a coloured model was introduced in 1961.

within a length among 1976 and 1981, the Torch lady changed into eliminated, and the Columbia pics brand turned into standard. It featured the torch’s rays and halo around it. The golden “Columbia pictures” wordmark became added beneath.

inside the 1981-1992 Columbia pix emblem model, the Torch lady became reintroduced. The logo was similar to one in all the sooner variations, except the lady had a sleeker look.

In 1992, Jenny Joseph posed for Michael J. Deas, and her oil-painted image changed into delivered in the new Columbia photos brand. the new brand proposing jenny become brought in 1993. It has retained tons of its appearance except a few minor modifications in 2006 and 2014.

Symbol of Columbia Logo

The Columbia photographs symbol proven on the cease of each movie has been remarkably constant in its core photograph – the Torch woman. yet, the manner she turned into depicted has been modified loads. while inside the Nineteen Thirties-Sixties the remaining trademarks resembled the ones proven at the beginning of the movie, ultimately they became less difficult.

Shape of Columbia Logo

The contemporary Columbia photo logo capabilities a digitized photo of the Torch girl provided with the aid of Jenny Joseph.

Columbia Logo’s Font

The logo wordmark makes use of a font belonging to the Sans Serif own family.

Columbia Logo’s Color

The logo has a rich color palette, as it looks more like a portray depicting the girl at the history of huge mountain-shaped clouds and deep blue twilight sky.

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