Costa Logo History and Evolution Story of Costa

Costa Logo History

Costa Crociere (across the world referred to as just Costa Cruises) is a Genoa-based Italian cruise agency, which belongs to Carnival employer & percent.

Meaning of Costa Logo

The history of the enterprise started in 1854. first of all, it specialized in shipment ships turning in olive oils and textiles from Sardinia to Liguria.


Symbol of Costa Logo

The cruise enterprise brand functions a blue capital “C” with a funnel internal. The name of the company in a stunning Mediterranean-style script is given beneath.

Emblem of Costa Logo

The capital “C” on the funnel has been the specific feature of the Costa’s sea fleet for many years. The letter itself is blue, whilst the funnel is yellow. The pinnacle of the funnel is colored black. The “C” is given in a distinctive, easier, font than that used for the enterprise wordmark.

Costa Logo’s Font

even though there may be a font circle of relatives bearing the name “Costa”, which looks very similar to the Costa wordmark, they’re not exactly the equal. each are modern Mediterranean-style typefaces having roots within the softness of Renaissance scripts and purity of Greek capital letters, but a number of the glyphs appearance different. In reality, the Costa typeface changed into created for the namesake organization, yet the designers who worked on it determined to customise some of the glyphs.

Costa Logo’s Color

The aggregate of blue and yellow has been the cruise company’s signature palette for decades. at the same time as the use of blue in the Costa logo seems perfectly natural, taking into account that it deals with the oceans and seas, yellow can be defined in an expansion of approaches. as an instance, it is able to be appeared as a symbol of light.

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