Cummins Logo History and Evolution Story of Cummins

Cummins Logo History

taking into account that Cummins became set up as a long way again as 1919, it’s far best natural that its logotype has no longer stayed the equal at some point of the organization’s nearly a hundred-12 months records.

Meaning of Cummins Logo

The preceding model depicted a strong letter “C”, which truly resembled a horseshoe. The “C” become located inside a rectangular shape. Over the white area of the letter, the name of the business enterprise changed into written in smaller letters.

Symbol of Cummins Logo

The image advanced for the center merchandise of the Cummins Filtration agency makes use of the same pink square because the authentic logo. however, that might be the only factor the 2 logos have in commonplace. in the Fleetquard brand, the square does no longer contain any lettering, whilst the call of the product in a bolded typeface is placed above it.

Emblem of Cummins Logo

The modern-day version turned into adopted in 2006, along with the new branding approach. It become then that the enterprise decided to apply black and crimson to assure its brand a bolder appearance.

Cummins Logo’s Font

The typeface featured on the Cummins wordmark seems to be Helvetica Neue ninety five Black. it’s far a custom designed model, in which the letter “C” has a unique shape.

Cummins Logo’s Color

The three fundamental colorings of the Cummins logo are pink, black, and white.

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