Equal Housing Logo History and Evolution Story of Equal Housing

Equal Housing Logo History

The truthful Housing Act was added as the result of civil rights marketing campaign in opposition to housing discrimination in the US that took place within the Nineteen Sixties.

Meaning of Equal Housing Logo

If the identical Housing logo is blanketed in advertising, it serves as a demonstration that the property can be sold or hire by means of all and sundry now matter what race, religion, national foundation he or she has or whether he or she belongs to the sexual minorities.

Symbol of Equal Housing Logo

The fair Housing Act does not require brokers to apply the identical possibility brand on their internet resources and commercials. however, institutions of realtors in many states propose using it, because this implies that the broking has the purpose to comply with truthful housing laws.

Emblem of Equal Housing Logo

The identical Housing opportunity logo depicts a residence with a black define and horizontal bars representing the windows. below, there may be the lettering announcing “same Housing opportunity”.

Equal Housing Logo’s Font

The minimalistic sans serif typeface of the identical Housing brand looks clean and flawlessly legible.

Equal Housing Logo’s Color

The black-and-white color scheme appears appropriate because it works properly on exclusive backgrounds and within one of a kind visible contexts. So, it’s miles flexible sufficient now not to have an effect on the visual identity of the broker setting it into its very own advert.

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