Fairtrade Logo History and Evolution Story of Fairtrade

Fairtrade Logo History

whilst a product contains the global Fairtrade Certification Mark, it method that every one the ingredients had been produced in keeping with Fairtrade political requirements. The mark is utilized in over 50 nations.

Meaning of Fairtrade Logo

all through the records of the Fairtrade motion, quite some person countrywide Marks were used till in 2002 the blue and inexperienced Fairtrade emblem became adopted, which became to be used as the only official image all over the international.

Symbol of Fairtrade Logo

In 2014, the motion delivered its Fairtrade application image. although it is primarily based on the identical roundel, the overall layout is one-of-a-kind. The phrase “Fairtrade” in black is placed at the proper. below, there is the blue lettering explaining what kind of software the logo refers to (“Cocoa program”, “Sugar program” etc.).

Emblem of Fairtrade Logo

The current roundel has in reality lots in not unusual with the historical chinese language Yin and Yang image. The blue a part of the circle honestly seems like a half of the Yin and Yang symbol, even as the green and black elements of the circle have a chunk exclusive form extremely much like the Pepsi logo.

Fairtrade Logo’s Font

The clean, conventional sans serif typeface used on the Fairtrade brand seems very just like Rostis Sans Serif and Transit fonts.

Fairtrade Logo’s Color

each the Fairtrade Mark and the Fairtrade application Mark combine mild blue, mild olive green, white, and black. but, the proportions of black and white are distinct, so the visual impression is specific, too: in case of the Fairtrade Mark, black is the king, whilst on the Fairtrade program Mark white dominates.

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