Fire Department Logo History and Evolution Story of Fire Department

Fire Department Logo History

The fireplace department brand is referred to as the Maltese move. It seems each on the clothes of fire warring parties and on the equipment they use. In a few international locations (as an example, extraordinary Britain and Canada), a version with 8 points is used.


Meaning of Fire Department Logo

The records of the Maltese pass started out centuries ago, on the time of crusades. The Knights from the Order of St John of Jerusalem, additionally referred to as the Knights of Malta, fought the Saracens, who used weapon that worked very just like modern “Molotov Cocktails”: glass bombs with exceptionally flammable liquid.

Symbol of Fire Department Logo

The knights had been attempting tough to shop their brothers-in-arms from the fiery deaths, and in a way they have been firefighters. So, the cross they had been carrying on their tunics have become the image of bravery and sacrifice for cutting-edge firefighters.

Emblem of Fire Department Logo

maximum virtually, the primary fire department to use a Maltese pass as its brand turned into the ny hearth branch. In Brooklyn, the move was adopted in 1882. at the least this is what Gary Urbanowicz writes in his e-book “Badges of the Bravest”.

Fire Department Logo’s Font

The Maltese cross is only a basic shape that can be used for diverse inscriptions or symbols. one of the maximum popular ones, the “hearth Rescue” symbol, functions a easy all-cap serif font.

Fire Department Logo’s Color

The aggregate of purple and white has been one of the most famous color palettes for the hearth branch brand within the US. however, different variations also are used very regularly.

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