Fitbit Logo History and Evolution Story of Fitbit

Fitbit Logo History

The Fitbit emblem creates an amazing stability of “pleasant” and “tech”, conveys the concept of movement, and works properly at small sizes (particularly the contemporary emblem).

Meaning of Fitbit Logo

The business enterprise become set up in San Francisco, California, in 2007. Its first product was the Fitbit Tracker tool enabling its proprietor to measure private metrics worried in fitness.

Symbol of Fitbit Logo

the primary Fitbit logo became created by James Park, the employer’s CEO and considered one of its founders. The logotype consisted of two components: a “diamond” made by using darkish grey (almost black) and teal dots and the wordmark subsequent to it. One should be aware an arrow created by means of the dark gray dots in the “diamond”. The distinctive characteristic of the wordmark become that the dots above the letters “i” were given no longer in dark gray, like the letters themselves, but in teal.

Emblem of Fitbit Logo

at the very beginning of 2016 Fitbit delivered a modified logotype. further to the adjustments inside the shade palette and the font, a good way to be discussed similarly, there have been rather major alterations inside the “diamond”. The arrow design disappeared. but, the idea of transferring forward turned into nonetheless present within the new emblem because of the way the dots of different sizes had been placed.

Fitbit Logo’s Font

both the original Fitbit logo and the modern one function a custom sans-serif lowercase kind with appealing roundish letters. the new wordmark, however, has thicker strokes, because of which it works higher at small sizes.

additionally, the cutting-edge typeface has lost the rounded ends of the original font. one of the possible motives is that the employer has been seeking to create a extra mature photo, to illustrate a stronger individual. This assumption looks flawlessly logical taking into account that Fitbit has been competing with a number of the sector’s biggest businesses.

Fitbit Logo’s Color

The old insignia blended teal with dark grey, whilst inside the new one darkish blue has been used in place of the dark grey shade. The exchange is slightly great until you operate the coloration picker tool.

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