Fiverr Logo History and Evolution Story of Fiverr

Fiverr Logo History

The Fiverr logo looks absolutely modern-day and internet-pleasant, which can be partly explained by way of using the lowercase first letter, in addition to the smooth typeface.

Meaning and history Fiverr Logo

The tale of the Fiverr started in early 2010 inTel Aviv, Israel. these days, it’s miles one of the a hundred maximum popular web sites within the U.S.

Emblem Fiverr

The emblem is a easy wordmark in a serif typeface. The brand would have appeared as a substitute accepted if no longer for the unusual mixture of the letters “f” and “i”. The legit emblem capabilities white letters interior a inexperienced circle.

Uppercase of lowercase “F” symbol?

despite the fact that the letter “f” on the wordmark is lowercased, you want to apply the capital “F” every time you mention the company in a text. This requirement is covered within the business enterprise’s logo usage pointers. also, usingthe ® signal next to the name is compulsory, as it’s far a registered trademark.

Font of the Fiverr Logo

The serif lowercase typeface has loads in common with theBrix Slab Black font evolved by using Hannes von Dohren and LiviusDietzel, as well as theChunkFive font posted by The League of portable kind. however, the typeface is custom designed to the point of forte.

Color of the Fiverr Logo

The emblem usage suggestions require that the letters are white, at the same time as the heritage is inexperienced. The black-and-white coloration scheme is used very often, too.

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