Girl Scout Logo History and Evolution Story of Girl Scout

Girl Scout Logo History

female Scouts is a welfare affiliation, which makes a speciality of offering healthy and relaxed situations for ladies who stay in secluded regions, and getting them to paintings for the society.

Meaning of Girl Scout Logo

The logo has been round in view that 1978, and it has now not changed much considering that point. It become designed by means of Saul Bass, a renowned clothier. The lady Scout logo splendidly combines

simplicity with that means, as it portrays unity, self belief, and sisterhood. professionals regard this logo as one of the maximum iconic and effective, because it absolutely reflects the agency’s desires and functions. except, many confess that the girl Scouts brand has a high-quality encouraging electricity.
In 2010, the OCD corporation made a touch alternate: the brand remained the equal, however the deep inexperienced coloration turned into changed with mild green.

Shape of Girl Scout Logo

The girl Scout logo is an photograph of 3 diagonally aligned silhouetted woman faces.

Girl Scout Logo’s Font

The wordmark is written in a barely modified Avenir Black typerface.

Girl Scout Logo’s Color

The brand is available in hues – inexperienced and white, which painting team spirit, optimism, sisterhood, kindness, purity, peace, and well-being. it is complemented with the aid of the black wordmark. The black symbolizes elegance and integrity.

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