HBO Logo History and Evolution Story of HBO

HBO Logo History

the usa tv network home container office has long gone via two exceptional logotypes, which pondered the changes in the corporation’s status among its competition.

Meaning of HBO Logo

The earliest HBO logo, which was used in the course of its first 5 years of existence, changed into built round the total name of the corporation. The phrases “home box workplace” have been positioned interior a square shape created by way of a stylized depiction of a lighted marque. subsequent to the word “container”, there was a ticket stub.

Symbol of HBO Logo

as the result of the 1985 modification, the “B” and the “O”have been was complete letterforms, despite the fact that they were nonetheless connected to every other. The “O” preserved the original black circle internal.

Emblem of HBO Logo

As quickly as in 1975 a new edition of the logo changed into advanced with the aid of Bemis Balkind. It featured the abbreviation “HBO”, which emphasised that the network had already reached amazing popularity and did no longer want to apply the whole name to be diagnosed. The letter “O” on the emblem reduce into the “B”.

HBO Logo’s Font

The HBO logo capabilities a sans serif uppercase bold typeface looking like a quite custom designed model of the Avant Garde Gothic.

HBO Logo’s Color

at some stage in nearly a half-century of its history, HBO has by no means altered its black-and-white colour palette.

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