IKEA Logo History and Evolution Story of IKEA

IKEA Logo History

one of the international’s strongest manufacturers, IKEA changed into mounted in Sweden in 1943. The retail business enterprise specializing in geared up-to-assemble fixtures, kitchen appliances, and home accessories is renowned for its present day architectural designs.

The phrase IKEA, that is the base of the emblem, is an acronym. the first two letters are the initials of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, at the same time as the 3rd and the 4th letters had been taken from the names of his native land and the farm where he grew up.

Meaning of IKEA Logo

IKEA names its first brand the one that was introduced in 1951. The phrases “ikea” and “kvalitets garanti” (pleasant assure) had been located into something that appeared very similar to a seal. poor (white) letters appeared at the maroon background.

however, the “Seal” logo didn’t live long. As quickly as in 1954 a totally new symbol turned into added. It blanketed negative (white) inscription “IKEA”, this time in capitals, at the brown history with a golden undertone.

The brand delivered in 1967 looks very much similar to the one that is used today. It has modified very little throughout the years, final a steady symbol of the organisation in commercial enterprise. The maximum important changes had been made in the coloration and font.

Symbol of IKEA Logo

the present IKEA logo represents the agency’s call (blue characters) positioned internal a yellow ellipse, which, in its flip, is placed internal a rectangular form. The square shape functions the very equal tint of blue as the letters.

Emblem of IKEA Logo

despite the fact that the IKEA brand is instantly identifiable, quite a few designers criticize it for being seriously dated. infrequently a marvel taking into account that IKEA has been the use of nearly the identical insignia given that 1967.
as an instance, the design agency Freytag Anderson even created an experimental updated IKEA logo for the Icon mag. preserving the formidable type and the colour scheme, the designers opted for a purifier font and got rid of the oval claiming that it spoils the legibility at smaller scales.

IKEA Logo’s Font

The present day model of the IKEA emblem functions a ambitious type. it’s miles close to the Futura Press font, but doesn’t coincide with it, having characteristic brackets on its 2nd and 4th characters. The current shape of the letters changed into adopted in 1981. The 1967 model featured a barely specific typeface, with thinner letters.

IKEA Logo’s Color

The blue and yellow hues of the brand also are the colours of the Swedish flag, so that they remind of the corporation’s origin. The mixture turned into first used in 1977 and have become professional in 1983.

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