Indianapolis Colts Logo History and Evolution Story of Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Logo History

The Indianapolis Colts is an American expert football crew, which turned into founded in 1953. The group performs in the South division of the yank football conference (NFL).

Meaning of Indianapolis Colts Logo

The records of the Colts brand commenced with the advent of the membership itself in 1953. The Baltimore logo featured a blue horse carrying a football helmet, keeping a football and jumping over a intention post. The “Baltimore Colts” wordmark was written in gray capitals. This logo endured till 1960. In 1961 it turned into modified: a huge a part of it become removed, however the horse was still there, and there was a horseshoe mark – the might-be Colts emblem – at the helmet. This emblem turned into in use until 1978.
The 1979 Baltimore Colts logo became a blue horseshoe with seven holes. In 1984, the group became relocated to Indianapolis, however the emblem became the identical. In 2002, the Colts brand took on a slightly exceptional hue of blue.

Symbol of Indianapolis Colts Logo

The horseshoe symbol has firmly mounted itself as a Colts logo, and it pretty a whole lot displays the crew’s in no way-flagging and nearly animalistic perseverance and infinite dedication to win.

Emblem of Indianapolis Colts Logo

The emblem goes again to the times while the crew turned into based totally in Baltimore – a metropolis, which boasts wealthy horse racing traditions.

Shape of Indianapolis Colts Logo

The horseshoe emblem has been around considering 1979. today, it is a blue horseshoe with seven white holes. considering the fact that its inception it has not modified much.

Indianapolis Colts Logo’s Font

The Colts wordmark makes use of the Playbill BT ordinary font, and it is written in blue uppercase capitals.

Indianapolis Colts Logo’s Color

The Colts emblem colorings include blue and a tiny bit of white. Blue symbolizes excellence, endurance, and electricity; white stands for purity and appeal.

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