ING Logo History and Evolution Story of ING

ING Logo History

The Amsterdam-based totally multinational banking and economic offerings corporation ING turned into fashioned from several corporations. The lion performing within the modern ING brand was gift in the logos of those organizations, too – rarely a marvel, considering that they originate from the Netherlands, where lion is the country image. One more detail to remind of ING’s Dutch roots is the color of the lion – orange is the shade of the Netherlands.

Meaning of ING Logo

The Rijkspostspaar bank, one of the companies that could later shape ING, used the Dutch coat of fingers as its brand. similarly to the two lions, there was a motto, which can be translated into English as “i will maintain”. using the us of a’s coat of hands was pretty reasonable considering that the organisation changed into owned through the government.
One extra employer to shape ING become the Nederland sche Midden stands financial institution. It extensively utilized the Dutch coat of arms as its image on the stationery and official files.

at the length when Rijkspostspaar bank and the post cheque- & Girodienst were merging to form Postgiro/Rijks post bank spaar bank, the brand was changed greater than as soon as. rather than the rampant lion, a more pretty, recumbent one appeared. there has been a chunk more weight on it, and its tail become longer.

Symbol of ING Logo

each the insurance businesses to form ING, De Nederlanden van 1845 and the Nationale Levensverzekering-financial institution, had a lion-based totally logo. the former used the usa’s coat of fingers as its brand, even as the latter used an picture of a virgin with a lion, which become meant to intend that the employer does the whole lot in its energy to secure the savings deposits of its clients.

Emblem of ING Logo

In spring 2013 ING introduced that its US branch gets a new identity. It turned into to be renamed Voya and get a new logo instead of the iconic lion symbol. This looked quite reasonable, taking into consideration that 1/2 a 12 months before that the ING Direct america financial institution became bought to Capital One. but, the Voya emblem still functions the orange shade, which reminds the color of the authentic lion brand.

ING Logo’s Font

The present day version of the ING insignia functions the times New Roman typeface. all the characters are capitals. The ING Postbank Groep has a exclusive font, a sans-serif one.

ING Logo’s Color

The orange shade of the logo reminds of the employer’s Dutch origins, in addition to the fact that it seemed beneath the residence of Orange-Nassau (a department of the european residence of Nassau gambling a leading function in the Netherlands). The ING insignia is made in a contrasting shade of blue-violet.

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