Kenwood Logo History and Evolution Story of Kenwood

Kenwood Logo History

The Kenwood emblem have become so famous that its recognition exceeded that of its discern enterprise, the japanese Trio organization. That’s why, the organisation sooner or later decided to update its own name by means of “Kenwood.”

Meaning of Kenwood Logo

The word “Kenwood” consists of the two components:
the name “Ken” famous within the US and Japan
the phrase “wooden,” which become used for 2 motives (to refer to Hollywood, California, as well as to symbolize the sturdiness of timber products)

Kenwood’s Symbol

In 1961, the Trio employer introduced the logotype for its new Kenwood brand. It sported a bold sans serif type. The letters have been given in dark orange. on the proper, there has been an logo depicting a tree with an elliptical crown.

Kenwood logo’s Emblem

The modified Kenwood brand featured the logo name in black in opposition to the white heritage. inside the very center of the word, above the letter “w,” there was a crimson triangle, which made the emblem recognizable.

Kenwood Logo’s Font

The simplistic sans serif typeface looks easy and flawlessly legible.

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