Lenovo Logo History and Evolution Story of Lenovo

Lenovo Logo History

The China-based totally tech organisation Lenovo is one of the international-biggest producers of computers, tablet computer systems, smartphones, and lots of other virtual products. some of its most well known product strains encompass ThinkPad, IdeaPad, IdeaCentre, ThinkCentre.

Meaning of Lenovo Logo

The history of the corporation dates returned to 1984, when Liu Chuanzhi together with 10 colleagues based the brand new generation Developer. The enterprise acquired the cash it needed from the Academy of Sciences of China.
Very soon, the agency received the call of “Legend”. The employer purchased IBM’s computer commercial enterprise in 2005 and have become the proprietor of its Intel-based totally server enterprise ten years later. It also received Motorola from Google the equal yr. since the early 2010s Lenovo is present at the cellphone marketplace.
For the first two a long time of its lifestyles, the organisation become called “Legend”. So, whilst inside the early 2000s the pinnacle of the company decided to go multinational, he confronted a problem: the need for a new call and brand identification because the word “Legend” became utilized by quite a few different groups globally.

Symbol of Lenovo Logo

The “Lenovo” call turned into introduced in spring 2003, following a big-scale marketing campaign. the brand new Lenovo emblem changed into shown in opposition to the blue sky. In truth, it was now not specifically eye catching probable the maximum extraordinary characteristic of the wordmark turned into the unconventional “e”. The name of the corporation changed into given in low-case letters; a custom bold kind changed into used.

Emblem of Lenovo Logo

even though the new brand supposes a brand new shade palette and a brand new font, they aren’t its maximum essential features. The business enterprise places the emphasis at the revolutionary, flexible layout method. The rectangular shape, in which the wordmark is housed, can be changed by means of advertising and marketing corporations and sales companions consistent with the context. companies can also opt for a relevant scene, shade, or image to make the advert extra applicable.

Lenovo Logo’s Font

The 2015 Lenovo logo functions an definitely new font (though a sans-serif one again). As in the previous brand, we’ve got a selected “e” individual, but this time it is a lounging “e”. in contrast to the first model, the letters are not italicized and the primary letter is capital. in keeping with the enterprise, it has the purpose of making the insignia extra clean-to-examine and fending off pronunciation troubles.

Lenovo Logo’s Color

the selection of feasible colors has emerge as wider within the modern model of the wordmark. formerly, the best colorations have been black, pink, and gray. In 2015 the coloration palette was extended to include blue, green, orange, and crimson.

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