Lululemon Logo History and Evolution Story of Lululemon

Lululemon Logo History

The current Lululemon brand has been a part of the logo identification ever for the reason that organization changed into based in 1998.

Meaning of Lululemon Logo

The organisation founder, Chip Wilson, was not certain what call to pick out for his emblem, so he decided to conduct a survey. approximately 100 people had been advised 20 brand names and 20 trademarks to select from. The call “Lululemon” changed into the winner.

Symbol of Lululemon Logo

The logo is built round a symbol searching very similar to the Greek letter Omega. it is placed interior a pink circle form, which, in its turn, is located among the two words of the agency call.

quite a few clients notice that the logo resembles a lady’s hair and face outline.

Emblem of Lululemon Logo

The logotype the employer followed stated the name ‘athletically hip’, which didn’t win. but, the founder preferred the logo a lot that he sooner or later selected it regardless of this fact. today, many people consider that the brand stands for the letter “A” in the phrase Athletica (the overall name of the emblem is Lululemon Athletica).

Lululemon Logo’s Font

The minimalistic rounded typeface creates a perfect visible harmony with the curvy lines of the emblem.

Lululemon Logo’s Color

The white image stands proud in opposition to the pink history. each the logo and the circle have the black define.

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