MTV Logo History and Evolution Story of MTV

MTV Logo History

For most of its history, the MTV logo remained unchanged. It was simplest in 2009 that minor changes have been brought.

Meaning of MTV Logo

before MTV became actually released, it became known as The tune Channel and used some other emblem. The insignia could be recognized by way of the characteristic “M” letter, “keeping” a word. It was made by way of manhattan design in spring 1980.

Emblem of MTV Logo

In 2010 the MTV brand was given a facelift. The modifications had been quite subtle, a lot of the audience probably have now not even noticed them. however, if you take a closer look, you will really see that the letter “M” within the 2010 version is wider, so there may be much greater area interior.

This turned into made with the cause of setting exceptional pix within the emblem. in this manner, the channel can create as many custom trademarks because it needs, editing the emblem consistent with its visible context. This layout trend, which can be described as part of the “bendy identification” idea, is gaining an increasing number of traction over current years. This version of the emblem was designed in-house.

MTV Logo’s Font

There are typefaces featured within the present day model of the MTV brand. the only used for the letter “M” is very extensive and 3-dimensional, even as the “tv” inscription is given in a customized, innovative kind.

MTV Logo’s Color

similarly to the standard black-and-white color scheme, the wordmark is frequently given inner a yellow field. the choice of the color palette depends on the visual context.

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