Nikon Logo History and Evolution Story of Nikon

Nikon Logo History

The earliest Nikon brand, which become unveiled in 1917, blanketed not most effective the word “Nikko” (that become the business enterprise’s name lower back then), but additionally its translation into jap. This became done if you want to mirror the business enterprise’s roots. considering then, the wordmark has gone via a protracted series of modifications.

Meaning of Nikon Logo

In 1930 the original shade scheme become reversed, at the same time as the vintage insignia turned into replaced via the brand new one: “Nippon Kogaku Tokyo”. In 1953 the shield shape turned into gone, leaving a minimalistic wordmark with the present day name of the employer. In 1965 it turned into positioned into a black oval shape, over the yellow historical past. In 1979 the oval shape disappeared, whilst the characters acquired the arrival acquainted to us now. when the two blue bars emblem became brought in 1988, it become intended to be an alternative for the same old symbol.
In 2003 the latest version of the Nikon brand was brought. The wordmark was located right into a rectangular form. The yellow historical past become better via a picture element of sequential rays.

Nikon Logo’s Font

The contemporary Nikon logo features a custom designed sans-serif kind, that is slightly italicized.

Nikon Logo’s Color

The colour scheme includes a bright, crisp hue of yellow, symbolizing youthfulness and power, and black, representing such principles as “excessive pleasant” and “elegance”.

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