Nirvana Logo History and Evolution Story of Nirvana

Nirvana Logo History

The concept of the Nirvana emblem is stated to belong to Kurt Cobain himself. but, Lisa Orth noted, that as the artwork Director for Sub Pop facts she created Nirvana’s first information and their logo.


Meaning of Nirvana Logo

The “Smiley Face” emblem changed into unveiled in 1991. It seemed at the flyer for the release birthday celebration for Nirvana’s Nevermind album. The equal year, it appeared at the front of a Nirvana tee shirt. From that time on, the emblem, collectively with the wordmark, has been used as the band’s best symbol.

Symbol of Nirvana Logo

The band’s symbol includes elements: a smiley face and the wordmark. The face is straight away recognizable by way of its “crossed-out” eyes and drooling mouth. also, there’s the name of the band above the smiley. The letters and the photo are given in yellow against the black history.

Emblem of Nirvana Logo

nobody is aware of for certain what the meaning in the back of the Nirvana brand is. here are some of the maximum famous motives:

“Smiley” depicts the expression that Nirvana fanatics had on their faces for the duration of performances.
Cobain used the emblem of The Lusty girl strip membership that was rather famous at his time. The club changed into positioned in Seattle, simply one hundred miles faraway from his fatherland.
The logo could have been stimulated by using the smile at the face of Axl Rose from the weapons N’ Roses band.
a few sources point out the “The Acid residence” logo because the supply of the Nirvana emblem.
in line with some people, the image just depicts a person who has under the influence of alcohol an excessive amount of or has taken pills.
The equal picture became drawn beneath the bridge Cobain slept beneath.

Nirvana Logo’s Font

The call of the kind used for the wordmark is Onyx. there may be an interesting tale in the back of it, along with two individuals: Lisa Orth, who designed the band’s logo, and provide Alden, who was once artwork Director of the label that released Nirvana’s debut album. Orth is stated to have paid Alden to apply the sort programmed into his typesetter at that very second, and that turned out to be the Onyx typeface.

Nirvana Logo’s Color

The Nirvana logo makes use of a easy, but catchy color scheme, such as two colorations: yellow and black. Being put aspect by means of facet, they invent a completely lively contrast.

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