Obama Logo History and Evolution Story of Obama

Obama Logo History

The presidential campaign designed and conducted for Barack Obama in 2008 became exceedingly memorable. one of the motives for this was the Obama brand, which represented a stylized “O”.

Meaning of Obama Logo

The emblem turned into created via the Sender LLC layout company founded in Chicago. the head of the project become Sol Sender, the firm’s creative director. His group consisted of 3 designers, which include Amanda Gentry and Andy Keene. The task commenced at the stop of 2006, the logo was released in February 2007.

Symbol of Obama Logo

Barack Obama brand sports the letter “O”, divided in two elements. The upper half is blue, even as underneath it there are three red stripes. in the unique version of the logo, the stripes were symmetrical, but sooner or later the designers decided to give the logo a bit bit extra size.

Emblem of Obama Logo

There have been nearly 10 alternatives to choose from. we will mention a instead simple blue wordmark and several versions that featured a “b” person comparable to the parent “8”. additionally, the layout crew recommended a image that gave the look of an exclamation mark with strains, blue and crimson.

Obama Logo’s Font

The easy serif font is definitely a clipped model of the Requiem typeface. It turned into probably created with the aid of John Slabyk and Scott Thomas who had been liable for the typography of the brand.

Obama Logo’s Color

The color scheme covered sunglasses of blue (a darker and a lighter one), pink, and white.

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