OVO Logo History and Evolution Story of OVO

OVO Logo History

Hip hop artist Aubrey Drake Graham, extra often referred to as simply Drake, has his personal clothes line bought underneath the OVO brand (October’s Very personal). The truth that the OVO logo capabilities an owl can be explained within the following way: the 2 “O”s seem like owl eyes, even as the ‘V’ is the beak.

Meaning of OVO Logo

in addition to the reason given above, there might have been other reasons for choosing an owl. much like Drake, owls are nocturnal creatures (Drake stated that it is at night time that he “comes alive”). The owl symbolizes know-how, which may suggest that Drake’s tune has a deeper meaning to it. also, there can be hyperlink with Harry Potter’s pet.

Symbol of OVO Logo

Drake is also one of the co-founders of the Canadian record label OVO Sound. The label has a specific logotype including two black square shapes. The top one is larger, it homes three geometrical shapes similar to portions of a rainbow. The lower form houses the call of the logo. The complete image resembles a ship with sails.

Emblem of OVO Logo

Like many different modern-day trademarks, the OVO emblem has been frequently accused of hidden Illuminati symbolism. it’s far that an owl is in reality an Illuminati’s mascot. aside from that, there seems to be no hyperlink among the OVO brand and Illuminati.

OVO Logo’s Font

The OVO emblem sports a easy sans serif all-cap font. tremendous legibility is its predominant benefit.

OVO Logo’s Color

For the OVO Sound logo, the aggregate of black and white become selected. The owl logotype at the OVO garb might also trade its coloration relying on the visual context.

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