Panasonic Logo History and Evolution Story of Panasonic

Panasonic Logo History

The earliest Panasonic logo, which changed into added in 1955, featured a mountain-like triangular shape inside the middle of the wordmark. for the reason that then, the brand has passed through a pair modifications.

Meaning of Panasonic Logo

The 1966 version featured the wordmark in a custom all-cap kind, and a square shape at the left. also, there was a “by way of Matsushita electric” inscription.

these days, the organization makes use of a simple blue wordmark with occasional alterations, which may encompass unique visible outcomes or a change of color. It turned into brought in 1971.

Symbol of Panasonic Logo

at the beginning, the emblem call “Panasonic” changed into used for exported audio system, whilst the principle emblem of the parent corporation, Matsushita electric powered, turned into known as country wide. It turned into the countrywide logo that first used the capital “N” image and the circle with lightning bolts that later have been followed because the Panasonic logo. The circle with the lightning bolts become first utilized in 1937, while the “N” emblem changed into adopted in 1959.

Panasonic Logo’s Font

the sort used within the wordmark is Helvetica Black, a traditional sans-serif font. the lack of offbeat capabilities may be interpreted as the emblem’s preference to emphasise that its products are classic and reliable, supplying clean operation. we can point out, but, the “Wonders” advertising marketing campaign of 2014 providing a more extravagant type.

Panasonic Logo’s Color

The cutting-edge model of Panasonic emblem is based totally on the mixture of two shades: dark blue and white (for the background). The shade of blue used communicates the thoughts of shiny future and consistency. as a substitute, a black-and-white model can be used, in addition to a combination of a brighter color of blue with pink (country wide Panasonic advertising campaign).

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