Pandora Logo History and Evolution Story of Pandora

Pandora Logo History

Pandora A/S is a number of the global’s most famous jewelry manufacturers. The Danish employer started out its history as a own family-run rings store in 1982. Pandora brand is an right away recognizable wordmark. Its maximum one of a kind characteristic is an fashionable crown over the “O” person. The crown reminds of the reality that Pandora gives a universe of excessive excellent, true rings imagined to make its proprietor stand out in the crowd.


Symbol of Pandora Logo

We ought to also point out that the name Pandora, which has its roots in Greek mythology, is as a substitute popular. It belongs to pretty some agencies, humans, places, and groups. as an example, it is also the name of a tune streaming service launched in 2000. The service went via a main logo replace in 2016.
The updated logo remains completely in the modern trend of geometric sans serif typefaces. also, like in lots of cutting-edge logotypes, the letters have only curved one element, at the same time as the other component is left as it’s far. This appears a beneficial approach in this example, as all of the letters in the word “Pandora” are curve-based totally.

Pandora Logo’s Font & Color

The call of the employer is given in a perfectly legible sans serif typeface. all the letters are capitalized. curiously enough, even though there does exist a font named Pandora, it isn’t always the font without a doubt used within the logo of the namesake corporation. the type bearing the name “Pandora” appears as a substitute bizarre, if no longer eerie. infrequently a surprise, thinking of that American Horror tale is referred to as its thought. The Pandora logo font is special. it’s far a custom designed typeface very similar (but no longer identical) to Optima Demi formidable created by means of Hermann Zapf.
The wordmark is built round a simple black-and-white color scheme, emphasizing the beauty and refinement of the Pandora earrings.

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