Patagonia Logo History and Evolution Story of Patagonia

Patagonia Logo History

The brand of the yank apparel line Patagonia depicts the Fitzroy Massif in Patagonia, one of the agency founder’s favourite locations.

Meaning of Patagonia Logo

The founding father of the clothing line, Yvon Chouinard, is a keen rock climber. At the beginning of his enterprise profession, he forged hard, reusable pitons through hand, and offered them. by using 1970, however, he observed out that the pitons, which were his organization’s most important supply of earnings, destroyed rock routes. As an environmentalist, he made the hard decision to prevent generating them and update them with the aid of aluminum chocks.
Yvon’s any other enterprise venture turned into connected with clothing commercial enterprise. in the course of his trips overseas, he sold uncommon, specific garments and bought them to the rock climbers he knew. The business flourished, so Yvon decided to start his own clothing line.

He used to spend a whole lot of time in Argentina and loved hiking the Andes Mountains in Patagonia – the southern a part of South the united states. at the time, he simply lower back from there, so the idea to call the agency Patagonia regarded flawlessly natural.

Symbol of Patagonia Logo

For the logo, he chose the skyline of the Cerro Fitz Roy (the Fitzroy Massif) in Patagonia, above El Chaltén.
Jocelyn Slack, the writer of the brand, defined the technique of creating it in one of the business enterprise’s catalogs. She said that it became clearly Yvon Chouinard who “designed” the emblem, even as she “really accomplished” it.
They labored collectively: Jocelyn did sketches and modified them in line with Yvon’s comments. She had in no way visited the place, so she depended on his thoughts and, of direction, pics of the variety. As Jocelyn positioned it, the logo is as effective because the desire behind it. “Yvon knew what he felt and what he desired,” Jocelyn recalls, and that was why she known as him the author of the emblem.

Emblem of Patagonia Logo

Jocelyn Slack is an artist operating in a diffusion of fields, from sandblasted glass and magazine instance to cloth layout. She studied in California university of Arts and Crafts and Banff school of excellent Arts in Alberta, Canada.

Patagonia Logo’s Font

The typeface featured at the Patagonia logo appears exactly like Belwe formidable. The serif typeface turned into designed by way of Georg Belwe of the ITC type foundry.

Patagonia Logo’s Colour

further to black and white, the emblem additionally contains numerous sunglasses of blue, and a gentle color of orange. This combination represents the colours of the Patagonian sky whilst the solar isn’t far from the horizon.

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