Periscope Logo History and Evolution Story of Periscope

Periscope Logo History

The Periscope brand is built round a stylized depiction of a periscope and consists of an “eye” metaphor, symbolizing a person looking through the tool.

Periscope logo meaning

The app’s original authors are Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. whilst Beykpour turned into spending time in Turkey, protests broke out in Taksim rectangular. He needed to see a stay video streaming from the square, but couldn’t do it. His favourite social media, Twitter, should simplest help with live “textual content streaming.”
So, Beykpour and Bernstein determined to create an app that might be beneficial in this situation. The agency mounted in early 2014 was named Bounty. The app authors controlled to raise one million and a 1/2 from several investors, such as Google Ventures and Stanford – StartX. In early 2015, the founders bought it to Twitter.
current logo
As soon as in summer season 2015, the variety of money owed exceeded 10 million. one of the milestones for the app became whilst some of its features have been constructed into the normal Twitter app in 2016.

How much did Twitter pay for Periscope?

The truly unusual a part of the deal turned into that the app became bought before it changed into certainly launched. The details have no longer been made public, which leaves enough room for hypothesis.

consistent with a few resources, Twitter paid between $seventy five and $100 million, any other supply simply mentions that the sum passed $50 million. however, one greater source claimed that the quantity of money the Periscope proprietors obtained was no longer that incredible in any respect.

Emblem Periscope

The emblem is based totally on a drop shape. What makes it one of a kind from a everyday depiction of a drop is that it’s miles became the other way up. in the white drop, there is a red dot searching really much like the scholar of a human eye. The resemblance is emphasized via one more dot (white), which is located within the crimson one. The drop layout is given towards the light blue background.

Alternative symbol Periscope

similarly to the emblem noted above, you may additionally stumble upon a greater complex logo, wherein the “eye” effect is extra reported due to an additional circle within the drop.right here, the drop itself is blue, whilst the larger circle is white. inside the middle of the white circle, there’s a smaller red circle. And there may be additionally a small white circle overlapping the border in its top left part.

Font of the Periscope Logo

simple and unassuming, the kind is perfectly legible. To gain amazing legibility, though, the designer needed to sacrifice distinctiveness, so the font does no longer virtually make the wordmark recognizable.

And but, the roundish letters healthy flawlessly the shape of the logo, with its drop and circles.

Color of the Periscope Logo

in addition to white, the Periscope brand functions light blue and purple. The coloration of blue can be described as Hex: #3FA4C4 and RGB (sixty three, 164, 196), at the same time as the colour of pink appears close to the Hex color: #DB5248 and RGB (219, eighty two, 72). generally, the “drop” is white; the dot interior it’s far purple, while the background is blue.

different versions are from time to time used. for instance, blue may be visible instead of red, or the photo may be black-and-white. In the earlier model, orange changed into used in place of red. also, an orange-and-white icon became to be had.

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