Pierce the Veil Logo History and Evolution Story of Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil Logo History

The Californian band Pierce the Veil turned into created in 2006. The band has long gone thru a sequence of logotypes. even though they were different from one another, they normally had a reported unfashionable sense. The most well known of them has been the only introduced on the ‘Collide with the Sky’ album cowl.


Meaning of Pierce the Veil logo

The debut album, ‘a flair For The Dramatic’, featured the band’s name in a unfashionable typeface. It seemed fairly much like an antique Wild West saloon sign. The shade pattern of the letters imitated wooden making the resemblance even extra apparent. The call of the album turned into given in an elaborate script.
The Pierce the Veil emblem visible on the duvet of the ‘egocentric Machines’ album seemed genuinely distinct from the preceding wordmark in style and temper. It become a combination of the 3 scripts comprising the Billhead family. some letters have been taken unchanged, even as others were changed.

Symbol of Pierce the Veil Logo

the quilt of the ‘Collide with the Sky’ album (2012) seemed truly similar in fashion to the previous script logo, with its problematic details, but in reality, each letter changed into closely changed and in fact it become a totally new logo. The equal wordmark may be visible on the cover of the documentary ‘that is a desolate tract’ (2013) detailing the band’s first international tour.

Emblem of Pierce the Veil Logo

The ‘Misadventures’ album cover (2016) featured a different emblem – less difficult and extra casual. taking into account that the 3 letters “e” and the 2 letters “i” were different from every other, it’s far herbal to indicate that this changed into no longer an current typeface however a hand-drawn lettering. but, the discharge of the album with the new wordmark did not mean that the band got rid of the preceding emblem – it’s far still used on its print and digital promotion materials.

Pierce the Veil Logo’s Font

The Pierce the Veil wordmark that seemed on the quilt of the ‘selfish Machines’ album become a heavily custom designed version of the Billhead font own family posted through Letterhead Fonts. The Billhead family includes three typefaces called Billhead 1890, 1900, and 1910. they all had been stimulated by means of length fashion billheads and letterheads.

It’s no longer that easy to hit upon the source font for all the other script logotypes, and it seems like in maximum instances it has been a custom paintings made from scratch.

Pierce the Veil Logo’s Color

The Pierce the Veil logo has been given in a diffusion of colours depending at the history and visible context. The ‘Misadventures’ album cowl is given in purple and white, so the script emblem is also red.

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