Pink Floyd Logo History and Evolution Story of Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd Logo History

red Floyd had a string of trademarks, as the band refreshed its visual identification each time a brand new album changed into launched. every brand expresses the band’s specific DNA in its personal manner.


Meaning of Pink Floyd Logo

The history of red Floyd dates back to 1963, when Roger Waters met Nick Mason. yet, in truth it changed into handiest in 1965 that they first cited themselves because the pink Floyd Sound.

Symbol of Pink Floyd Logo

hurricane Elvin Thorgerson, who created the album cover for the album “The dark facet of the Moon,” become a uk image clothier that specialize in tune album covers. also, he turned into referred to as a music video director. apart from the crimson Floyd image for “The darkish aspect of the Moon,” he created the cover for its follow-up, “desire You have been here.”
shortly before the discharge of the division Bell album, a totally interesting emblem changed into created. The image nicknamed Boatman can be interpreted as a massive “P” and an “F” became upside down. but, there’s also a symbolic that means: the brand is supposed to represent a person rowing a canoe.

Emblem of Pink Floyd Logo

The photograph depicted mild passing via a prism. hurricane Thorgerson, who designed this crimson Floyd emblem, pointed out that he desired to create a link with purple Floyd’s live shows,well known for their lighting fixtures, and additionally to include such ideas as ambition and insanity, which have been feature to Roger Waters’s lyrics.

Pink Floyd Logo’s Font

There aren’t less than three versions of the red Floyd insignia, every having a completely unique custom typeface.

Pink Floyd Logo’s Color

colorings most often used inside the pink Floyd emblem encompass black, white, and pink.

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