Rebel Alliance Logo History and Evolution Story of Rebel Alliance

Rebel Alliance Logo History

The image of the rise up Alliance, the innovative faction inside the celebrity Wars universe, is known as theStarbird. it may be seen on helmets and uniforms of the rebels.

Meaning of Rebel Alliance Logo

The Starbirdis but another interpretation of a very historical symbol, the Phoenix. the individual that selected the symbol was Princess Leia. She stated her human beings wanted “a flag… A image of wish”.

Symbol of Rebel Alliance Logo

The image is a tribute to Galen Marek. It changed into borrowed from his circle of relatives crest. additionally, many humans think that the logo turned into borrowed from the seal of the antique Republic used at the time of the remarkable Galactic battle.
in line with a few assets, the layout become based on the phoenix graffiti made by means of a Mandalorian artist Sabine Wren in megastar Wars Rebels (the symbol became definitely designed through Chris Glenn). apparently sufficient, there has by no means seemed any reliable records concerning the connection among the 2 symbols.

Emblem of Rebel Alliance Logo

The rising phoenix logo symbolized the principle intention of the Alliance to restore the Republic – to return the Galactic Republic.

Rebel Alliance Logo’s Font

The logotype does now not consist of any text, so the name of the business enterprise may be given in any typeface fitting the visible context.

Rebel Alliance Logo’s Color

crimson, black, yellow, grey, and white are the colors typically used for the rebellion Alliance emblem.

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