Reddit Logo History and Evolution Story of Reddit

Reddit Logo History

The Reddit emblem, named Snoo, might also appearance a piece dated, however it is recognizable and can be without problems modified according to the subject of a dialogue.

Meaning of Reddit Logo

The emblem changed into created via Alexis Ohanian, the organisation’s co-founder, all through a advertising class. He became simply bored and started out drawing inside the margins of his notebook. As soon as he came domestic that night, he created a virtual version of the photo.

Symbol of Reddit Logo

The antenna emphasizes that Snoo is an alien able to visiting in time and area.
The Reddit mascot is neither a man nor a lady. Ohanian believed that there has been no need to pick out a specific gender as intercourse might now not suggest too much within the global of the future.
The crimson coloration of the eyes is what makes Snoo stand out amongst another alien emblems. irrespective of how a good deal the mascot is changed, this feature remains the equal.

Emblem of Reddit Logo

The name of the mascot – Snoo – changed into no longer chosen entirely by way of threat. In reality, this word is shorthand for “what’s new?”, which brings us very near the main reason of the assignment.

Ohanian defined that there have been no particular reason why he had opted for an alien, he had just desired to design a recognizable mascot. additionally, he cited that he had desired the emblem to look a bit futuristic in order to ensure the mission might closing.

Reddit Logo’s Font

The typeface has gone through quite some modifications. in step with Alexis Ohanian, the primary draft featured a ambitious all-cap font looking quite stable. The four versions that observed seemed clearer, with the tendency of having rid of capital letters. There are no capital letters in any respect inside the final version.

Reddit Logo’s Color

The black line drawing creates an remarkable visible comparison with the white historical past. It emphasizes the mascot’s graphical nice whilst giving almost no colourful info, with the fantastic exception of the red eyes. To be specific, the ff4500 color of orange-purple is used.

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