Reuters Logo History and Evolution Story of Reuters

Reuters Logo History

The earliest Reuters emblem, with its shielded rider internal an oval form, become truly paying homage to a medieval coat of arms.

Meaning of Reuters Logo

It turned into replaced through a wordmark. at the start, the name of the agency changed into given in an italic font, then in a normal serif typeface. In 1965 the “dot” wordmark, which covered 84 dots,

was created by the British picture clothier Alan Fletcher. most probable, it was stimulated by teleprinter tape.
The present day emblem changed into designed through the usa brand consultancy company Interbrand in 2008. It was likely inspired by using a depiction of a spiral staircase as seen from above.

Reuters Logo’s Color

The modern Reuters emblem has four trendy versions various in phrases of the colours:

orange rings, gray text, white heritage
orange rings, white textual content, black history
black earrings and text, white background
white rings and textual content, black historical past.

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