San Diego Chargers Logo History and Evolution Story of San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers Logo History

considering that its inception in 1960, the club has had several emblems. the first one became a guard brand with a blue horse head, white lightning bolt, “la” in blue (the crew turned into based in los angeles), and “l. a. Chargers” in gold yellow on a blue circle enclosing the shield. In 1961 the club moved from los angeles to San Diego and it needed to regulate the emblem.
The blue circle became eliminated, as became the “la”, and a brand new coloration of blue – the “powder blue” – replaced the original deep blue color within the defend. From 1974 until 2001, the club used helmet emblems that featured the lightning bolt. In 2002, the first lightning-bolt Chargers logo seemed. It changed into a white electric arc with a navy blue contour.

Symbol of San Diego Chargers Logo

The Chargers brand symbolizes the group’s countless electrifying strength and electricity that nourishes players’ abilties, determination, and will to win.

Emblem of San Diego Chargers Logo

The arc-fashioned lightning bolt is the background of the helmet-emblem length.

Shape of San Diego Chargers Logo

The cutting-edge Chargers brand capabilities the lightning bolt, which resembles that of the 2002 brand, besides the ark is gold, and it has a “powder”- and army blue contours. It tops the membership’s call and its home city which are written in deep blue.

San Diego Chargers Logo’s Font

The call of the club and the home metropolis are written in a custom font.

San Diego Chargers Logo’s Color

The cutting-edge Chargers logo accommodates army blue, “powder blue”, gold, and white.

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