SAP Logo History and Evolution Story of SAP

SAP Logo History


The SAP emblem has been tweaked several instances throughout its more than forty five-12 months history. but, the general appearance of the logo has not changed a whole lot as its middle has always been the three-letter wordmark.

Meaning and history SAP Logo

SAP made its first steps in 1972, beginning with one consumer and less than ten employees. today, it has extra than 340,000 clients in over one hundred eighty countries.he early versions of the emblem featured simply the name of the organisation in a square form. It become simplest in 1999 that the triangle become brought to the logo. Over the following couple of years the employer experimented with the colors, primarily shades of blue. One greater splendid change changed into the advent of a “smiling” “A”. In 2011 the business enterprise followed the version of the brand with the mild blue background.

2014 symbol SAP

someday in overdue October 2014, site visitors of the company’s legit internet resource observed a incredible trade. the long-lasting blue logo went gold. The sunny, constructive shade created an ideal concord with the smiling “A”. however that become no longer all. long past had been the familiar square and triangle shapes. In fact, this model of the brand was a simple gold wordmark given towards the white heritage. rather, the logo can be reversed. In this example, the history turned into gold, while the letters themselves have been white. The reversed model was placed right into a square shape.

Current emblem SAP

even though the gold model created a friendly and optimistic affect, the business enterprise bumped off it very quickly. as a substitute, it returned to the usual, immediately recognizable version of the logo, wherein the white letters had been placed inside a blue form formed with the aid of a square and a triangle

Font of the SAP Logo

The sans-serif all-cap kind featured in the SAP brand may be without problems diagnosed via the different “A” man or woman.

Color of the SAP Logo

Blue could be very regularly associated with intellectual activity, statistics, and software program engineering. So, it’s far infrequently a marvel that the software corporation used this shade in its wordmark.

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