Skrillex Logo History and Evolution Story of Skrillex

Skrillex Logo History

The real name of the usa-based electronic dance music producer, DJ, and creator of songs Skrillex is Sonny John Moore. He started his solo career at the stop of 2007.


Meaning of Skrillex Logo

before beginning his solo career, the musician took part in recording 2 studio albums with the band From First to last. He started the use of the call Skrillex as his pseudonym in 2009.

Symbol of Skrillex Logo

The logotype represents a wordmark made up with the aid of capital letters. each letter has a completely unique form. The combination of “I” and “LL” is arguably the highlight of the wordmark. The characters given in crimson are every so often used on their personal as the DJ’s icon.

Emblem of Skrillex Logo

The OWSLA label, which became introduced via Skrillex in 2011, has a completely a success emblem. Skrillex even tattooed it on his arm. at the beginning look, the image may additionally appearance as a mere combination of geometric shapes, until you recognize the actual clue. As the author of the logo, Brandon Rike, explained, you could locate each letter of the phrase OWSLA within the logotype (the “A” is the other way up).

Skrillex Logo’s Font

The letters of the custom typeface look jagged and sharp, which perfectly resonates with the Skrillex’s music.

Skrillex Logo’s Color

normally, the Skrillex brand is a aggregate of black and white letters against the white history. however, pretty a few opportunity colour combinations can be used, too.

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